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Jesus Christ!

I saw this on Reddit:

It’s from Surviving the World, which has a lot of fun lessons.

“Orb” Over PZ’s Shoulder in Creation Museum

Jesus? Is that you?

CreoZerg Orb

Yo…the Pope’s Album Drops November 30th

From the label that brought you Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses, Pope Benedict XVI, yes that Pope, will be releasing an album in November.

His album, Alma Mater, will be a mixture of singing and speaking…so sorta like Kanye?

I’m sure he’s hoping to chart:

In 1982, John Paul II reached number 71 in the charts with The Pilgrim Pope, and, in 1994, his recording of The Rosary peaked at number 50.

Pope Benedict

Proceeds from the album will be used to provide music education to underpriveledged children…somehow I think that education will include indoctrination, but hey, maybe I’m just being cynical.

Homeopathy for Emergencies???

Homeopathy is the process by which a tiny drop of an active ingredient is diluted in water until there isn’t even a molecule of the substance left, and then calling that medicine. It’s laughable, it’s pre-scientific magical thinking, it’s completely without evidence, and yet the idea that it works persists.

I recently came across this article, in which the author, who apparantly works at a hospital in India that incorporates homeopathy with traditional medicine, believes that homeopathy is useful in emergency medicine:

I have been hospital-based and practically living on campuses of various hospitals for the last ten years. I can assure you that this is not exactly pleasant; nor has it been a necessity forced on me by circumstances; I have done it only to experience firsthand and at close quarters the power of homeopathy in critical moments of life and death. The experiences have destroyed the last vestiges of doubt about whether homoeopathy works in critical situations. I believed that the Law of Similars of the chronic conditions should work in acute situations too. If it did not, then there were only two conclusions. Either we do not know the way of practicing homeopathy in critical situations or the science of homeopathy was incomplete and had a serious limitation.



Perhaps homeopathy appears to work when used alongside conventional medicine, but IT’S JUST WATER!!! Sometimes satire is the best way to make a point, so have a look at this video to see what would really happen in a homeopathic ER.

Ray Comfort Unconvinced that Evolution is True…Surprise!

I subscribe to the Way of the Master newsletter because it gives me some good laughs. Today I got a great laugh but I was also saddened because people are probably patting Ray Comfort on the back for spewing this crap.

Comfort is a well-known creationist, and along with his sidekick Kirk Cameron, he uses things like the banana and the coke can to “prove” there is a god and that evolution is a LIE AND YOU’RE GOING TO HELL!!!

Moving along…Comfort decided to go and visit the Smithsonian to lookRay Comfort Smithsonian at their display on evolution. So far so good, it’s great that he’s taking the time to consider the evidence for evolution. The mounds and mounds of good evidence. But I guess considering the evidence wasn’t on his agenda because this his summary of the visit:

I spent a few days in Washington D.C. and took the time to visit the Smithsonian Museum, particularly to see their exhibit on evolution. After some searching we found it …the crowning glory of the Smithsonian Institute’s evolution display–a family of hairy dummies looking like a cheap window display at a Halloween store. It was underwhelming. I had a similar experience in Paris’s “Museum National D’Histoire Naturelle Grand Galerie De L’Evolution.” The French also had exhibits of thousands of God’s creatures, and tried to justify the name of the museum by displaying one copy of Origin of Species and a stuffed monkey with a “Lucy” sign on it.

God bless,

Seriously? The Smithsonian’s display didn’t look real enough, therefore God.

I can’t wait to read about PZ Myers’s visit to the Creation Museum.

PM Stephen Harper Pockets Communion Wafer…Maybe

Look what showed up first on my Google news today:


The silliness of the religious never ceases to amaze me. The Prime Minister may or may not have eaten a communion wafer at the funeral of a former governer-general. Maybe he was uncomfortable partaking in this cannibalistic ritual? Seriously, who cares what happened to the wafer. Nobody really thinks it’s the flesh of Christ, do they?

Well apparantly some do. A high ranking church official is demanding to know whether or not it was consumed. His spokesperson says yes. I say who the hell cares?!?!?! I bet the Prime Minister gets shit from all kinds of kooks every day, but the kooks giving him shit this time are part of one of Canada’s most widespread religion means that his people have to waste their precious time reassuring the public that yes, Harper ate his cracker.

Futurama…Back! From Outer Space!

This is one of my favourite shows so I just want to take a moment to express my excitement…


Comedy Central has picked up Futurama for 26 new episodes beginning in 2010…and hopefully many more to follow after that!Futurama

Thank you Comedy Central!

2012…End of the World? Beginning of a New Era?

A rational person would just call 2012 an arbitrary number grasped on to by conspiracy theorists, paranoid people, and the History Channel.

There’s no evidence showing that the world will end in 3 years, but where’s the fun in that? Lets have a look around the internet at what people are saying about 2012…

On May 28th, Jenny McCarthy blogged about 2012:

And I’m worried about sugar with the end of the world coming. LOL. Watching glimpses of the news and seeing nuclear testing scares the crap out of me. Anybody else? Many times I have asked myself about trying so hard to be healthy with food when there is a possible dust cloud that could do more damage than anything we fear now. Then, on other side, I think the people that do care and know how to detox and keep up on their vitamins and care about what they put in their mouths might have a better shot of making it through the big bad cloud. Americans have been worried about the big one for so many years, but after 9/11 happening in our lifetime, we now believe anything is possible. Gee, can you tell I just started PMS. LOL. I usually have dreams of bombs when I’m PMSing, and now I’m talking about them. Can’t wait to see what I dream about tonight! Probably my career going up in flames. LOL!

Jenny McCarthyLOL LOL LOL…yikes…if this is any indication of her critical thinking skills, it’s no wonder she thinks vaccines cause autism. Take your vitamins! They’ll save you from the dust cloud!

Moving along, lets look at an evidence-based prediction of what might happen in 2012. Justin Wolfers predicts that there will be no more Cash in 2012. No, not the green stuff, the name. Truly the end of an era. Based on this study, Wolfers predicts that Cash’s rapid rise to popularity will mean its descent into obscurity by 2012. Can this also be applied to the popularity of Twitter? Wolfers thinks so.

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My prediction for 2012? Another dimension will open up leading to another Gozerconfrontation with the ancient Sumerian God known as Gozer. I think you’ll find all the evidence you need to convince you I’m right when you see the release date posted here.

America’s Best Christian

Mrs. Betty Bowers teaches you about prayer:

“Say ‘Amen’, it’s like ‘Abracadabra’, only Christian!”

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