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Enlightning Bolts *Video Edition* – 02.11.2010

This post is going to be short and sweet, but it will link you to lots of awesome videos that I’ve been loving. Enjoy!

College Humour takes on the end of the world.

The history of the universe…flipbook style.

Dragon’s Den berates a snake-oil salesman.

Jimmy Kimmel responds to the Tim Tebow ad.

Have a nice weekend!

Kentucky Bigfoot Photo Debunked

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a so-called Bigfoot photo that had been taken in Kentucky.

I agreed with someone’s idea that it was probably a bird that set off the motion camera, and now this video has been made showing that this is probably the case.

Bigfoot Bird

Michael Jackson’s Ghost

Last week this video was shown on CNN, and it quickly went viral as many people believe it shows Michael Jackson’s ghost at Neverland Ranch.

Now, somewhat surprisingly, Larry King has debunked the video on his show. I say surprisingly because  King has not hesitated in the past to provide a platform for all sorts of harmful pseudoscience, most notably Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccination nonsense.

I wonder why he has chosen to devote time on his show to debunking a fluff ghost story, yet he gives almost no criticism to dangerous purveyors of woo. Okay, I know why…RATINGS! It’s completely shameless.


New Posts Coming Soon

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I live in a cold climate and we’ve had our first warm days of the summer this week so I’ve been trying to enjoy the weather. This morning I was outside watching my husband run in the marathon, and I’ll be at a barbeque for father’s day later today. I plan on resuming my daily blog posting as well as responding to some of your comments on my older posts as soon as possible.

Until then, here’s a fantastic youtube series: Mr. Deity

America’s Best Christian

Mrs. Betty Bowers teaches you about prayer:

“Say ‘Amen’, it’s like ‘Abracadabra’, only Christian!”

Coincidences…Business as Usual

Last week I got an email from my boss. He’s on holiday in Italy and he was just sending a fun update on his trip. One of the noteworthy parts of his email was that he had run into one of my co-workers, we’ll call her Cindy, randomly in St. Mark’s Square. Wow, what are the odds that they would be in such a far away place at the same time?

Well, let me think about this. I work in a huge company with thousands of employees, and the nature of my job, as well as my boss’s, require that we know many of these employees, so we know a lot of the same people. Cindy travels to Europe as often as possible, and my boss went to Italy for an entire month. Most people who go to Italy make a point of going to Venice, and St. Mark’s Square is a big tourist attraction in Venice. This time of year is a good time to visit Europe, because it’s not too hot yet.

The more I think about it the more it seems like it would have been weirder had my boss not either a) run into her, b) run into one of the hundreds of people we both know, or c) run into somebody he knows.


I could go on and on with instances of seemingly amazing coincidences that have happened to me or to people close to me, but I imagine that if I carefully examined each one of them there would be an explanation for why they aren’t so surprising.

The law of truly large numbers says that with a large enough sample any odd coincidence is likely to happen. It’s natural for people to look for patterns, and some people take these patterns and coincidences that happen as having meaning, or being evidence for something, when really there’s nothing extraordinary about a coincidence.

Here’s a great video explaining coincidences:

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