PM Stephen Harper Pockets Communion Wafer…Maybe

Look what showed up first on my Google news today:


The silliness of the religious never ceases to amaze me. The Prime Minister may or may not have eaten a communion wafer at the funeral of a former governer-general. Maybe he was uncomfortable partaking in this cannibalistic ritual? Seriously, who cares what happened to the wafer. Nobody really thinks it’s the flesh of Christ, do they?

Well apparantly some do. A high ranking church official is demanding to know whether or not it was consumed. His spokesperson says yes. I say who the hell cares?!?!?! I bet the Prime Minister gets shit from all kinds of kooks every day, but the kooks giving him shit this time are part of one of Canada’s most widespread religion means that his people have to waste their precious time reassuring the public that yes, Harper ate his cracker.


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