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Enlightning Bolts – 01.21.2010

Dang, I thought we had until 2012:

Apocalypse Pen

I haven’t listened yet, but this debate should be good: between Stephen Meyer and Peter Atkins.

“We are just a basic off the rack mammal…we’ve got the same basic building blocks and plumbing…but we use it in ways that are unprecedented.” – Robert Sapolsky talks about what’s unique about humans. It’s almost 40 minutes, but really interesting, entertaining, inspiring, and worth taking the time to watch.

The devil responds to Pat Robertson via letter to the editor.

This one’s for my husband:

Canadian scientists studying ancient rocks in Quebec and New Brunswick appear to have solved a central mystery about the Earth’s history: why rivers began curving back and forth on their way to the sea about 400 million years ago. [Read on here]

And here’s a picture of the meandering river he and I took a walk on the other day:

assiniboine river

You can watch Christopher Hitchens’ critical documentary about Mother Teresa online: Hell’s Angel.

The Institute for Human Continuity – #84 of 100 Top Hoaxes

You’ve probably heard this crazy rumour going around that the world is going to end in 2012. It’s all a bunch of mildly entertaining nonsense, but it provided the inspiration for 2012, a disaster-porno that came out this year about doomsday.

The movie had a clever viral marketing campaign that has now been revealed as a hoax.

A website for something called the Institute for Human Continuity popped up on teh internets claiming that it’s scientists knew that the world would soon come to an end.

Included on the website was a lottery for determining who would be saved when 2012 came.

When you look at the site now, it states boldly, and over and over again, that it’s a part of the 2012 movie experience. But before the movie came out you had to do some digging to find connections to the movie anywhere on the site.

I read somewhere (though now I can’t seem to find where I read it) that NASA had emails pouring in from worried people asking about the IHC, some who said they would kill themselves so that they wouldn’t have to witness the apocalypse. I hope nobody got too worked up about this hoax, but it is fun to read some of the comments on Yahoo Answers from believers in the 2012 doomsday that were written about the IHC before the hoax was revealed:

there is a saying that goes: tell people the truth they wont believe it anyway. keep your minds and eyes open and watch the signs. the ihc is not a joke. the truth hurts and to most people ignorance is bliss

its for the movie 2012 but when i went 2 the website it looked tooo real, i was freakin out 4 a moment, and i got a ticket just in case

I’ve seen this ad on tv about 2012 (the end of the world?) so i went to the website and i’m not really sure what to think of it. i’m confused and scared cuz i believe all that crap about 2012 lol what you guys think? i mean they are even letting you sign up for a ticket to “survive” i know it sounds stupid and very movie-like but i don’t know.

The Institute for Human Continuity. Its a lottery for survival of course […]¬†they came up with a plan to make a lottery for survival, so that each individual will get a fair chance at surviving 2012. I honestly don’t think its that fair because there are people out there who don’t have computers or TVs, how would they know about this survival lottery?
If you are one of the winners you get 1 boarding pass to safety in space. Sadly it is only one, so you would half to leave your loved ones behind if they don’t win ūüė¶ So I encourage you to encourage you family to sign up for this!
The government it basically hiding all this information from us, finally the word is getting out. They cant be trusted what so ever. Yeah people out there are probably telling you that it wont happen and that 2012 is just bogus, well to be honest i would rather be prepared and aware of it. All i know is that i wont beliving a normal day on the day of december 21st 2012. Its a tragedy really, and its hard to believe that the earth might just be destroyed in only 3 years…
Oh and if your wondering what the tragedys might be, they have predicted 3 events, and might i tell you, the world coming to an end in 2012 is a 94% chance now.
1: Solar Acctivity
2:Crustal Displacment
3:Planet X
I think you should spend time with your family, dont waste your money on stuff that wont give you memories, go enjoy the world, because you might not ever get to see it like it is now, when december 21st 2012 comes.
good luck too you all!

Fortunately these comments are the minority!

2012…End of the World? Beginning of a New Era?

A rational person would just call 2012 an arbitrary number grasped on to by conspiracy theorists, paranoid people, and the History Channel.

There’s no¬†evidence showing that¬†the world will end in 3 years, but where’s the fun in that? Lets have a look around the internet at what people are saying about 2012…

On May 28th, Jenny McCarthy blogged about 2012:

And I’m worried about sugar with the end of the world coming. LOL. Watching glimpses of the news and seeing nuclear testing scares the crap out of me. Anybody else? Many times I have asked myself about trying so hard to be healthy with food when there is a possible dust cloud that could do more damage than anything we fear now. Then, on other side, I think the people that do care and know how to detox and keep up on their vitamins and care about what they put in their mouths might have a better shot of making it through the big bad cloud. Americans have been worried about the big one for so many years, but after 9/11 happening in our lifetime, we now believe anything is possible. Gee, can you tell I just started PMS. LOL. I usually have dreams of bombs when I’m PMSing, and now I’m talking about them. Can’t wait to see what I dream about tonight! Probably my career going up in flames. LOL!

Jenny McCarthyLOL LOL LOL…yikes…if this is any indication of her critical thinking skills, it’s no wonder she thinks vaccines cause autism.¬†Take your vitamins! They’ll save you from the dust cloud!

Moving along, lets look at an evidence-based prediction of what might happen in 2012. Justin Wolfers predicts that there will be no more Cash in 2012. No, not the green stuff, the name. Truly the end of an era. Based on this study, Wolfers predicts that Cash’s rapid rise to popularity will mean its descent into obscurity by 2012. Can this also be applied to the popularity of Twitter? Wolfers thinks so.

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My prediction for 2012? Another dimension will open up¬†leading to¬†another Gozerconfrontation with the ancient Sumerian God known as Gozer. I think you’ll find all the evidence you need to convince you I’m right when you see the release date posted here.

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