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Westminster University Comes to its Senses, Scraps Homeopathy Degree


It’s fantastic that this university is eliminating their bachelor degree program in homeopathy, but what’s shocking to me is that any self-respecting university would offer a degree in something so implausible and unsupported by any kind of evidence in the first place.


Bill 44…Censorship in the Classroom

Way to go Alberta…

The bill would finally include gay rights in Alberta’s human rights law, while at the same time enshrining parents’ right to pull their children from classes on sex, sexual orientation and religion.The key problem with Bill 44 isn’t that it might — or might not — stifle discussion of evolution in the schools. The key problem is that it creates a whole new class of potentially aggrieved parties — parents who could now invoke the elaborate tribunal mechanism to complain about their kids’ teachings.

Bad enough that the legislation still infringes the free speech rights of the likes of Ezra Levant. Now, it potentially infringes the free speech of teachers, too.


the history of the universe, fixed

the history of the universe, fixed

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