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I’m Back!

It’s been awhile since I posted and that’s because I’ve been in Europe, see?:


At the Royal Observatory in Greenwich

We went to England where we mostly stayed in London (we also visited Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle), France where we stayed in Lille for two days while we visited WWI sites in France and Belgium, and then we spent a day in Paris (which was plenty), and then we went to Dresden, Germany to visit family.

It was a jam-packed trip so there was no time for blogging, but I tried to keep up on the news and there’s lots I’d like to blog about when I get the chance. I also got some comments and email feedback, so I’ll try to get around to responding to those. Of course, I’m moving into our new house in just over a week so I won’t have a lot of time to spend here but I’ll do my best!

Before I go I just want to quickly pass along something that reader Carlos sent me while I was away, I think all religions should teach this:

Kalama Sutta

Do not believe anything (simply)
because you have heard it.
Do not believe in traditions because they
have been handed down for many generations.
Do not believe in anything (simply) because it is
spoken and rumoured by many.
Do not believe in anything (simply) because
it is found written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority
of your teachers and elders.
But after observation and analysis,
when you find anything that agrees with reason
and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all
then accept it and live up to it.

(Anguttara Nikaya, Vol 1, 188 – 193 P.T.S. Ed.)

Enlightning Bolts – 07.02.2010

Hi all, aside from responding to as many comments as I’ve been able to manage lately, I’ve been absent from the blog ever since I declared my will to stick with it. I have a good excuse though, and it’s not to do with frustrations this time. I bought a house! As anyone who has bought a house knows, it’s time consuming and stressful so I’ve opted for spending my internet time on things that hurt my brain less like xkcd and SMBC (if you haven’t yet discovered these wonderful web comics, you’re welcome).

So I thought I would share some Enlightning Bolts today, and I’ll post as frequently as possible during my move over the next couple of months.


I was sad to learn that outspoken atheist, and my favourite Vanity Fair columnist, Christopher Hitchens, has cancer. The press release is light on details, hopefully they caught it early enough and he is able to recover quickly.


Will Phillips is the ten-year-old activist who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in his classroom because there isn’t “liberty and justice for all” if gay couples don’t have the right to marry. He deserves a treat, don’t you think? Well, his birthday is coming up in September, why not donate a few dollars to help send this wonderful and deserving kid to DragonCon?


Should we or shouldn’t we be de-oiling birds in the Gulf?


Jesus likes grilled cheese, but Buddha prefers termites (pictured).

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