The Winnipeg Skeptics

Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement to say that I’m now contributing to the Winnipeg Skeptics blog!

 That logo’s inspired by the sign for a notorious intersection in Winnipeg known as Confusion Corner. I once ran out of gas in that intersection, that was fun…oh also my family got slammed into by a drunk driver about a block away from there…oh yeah and one time somebody ran a red light and almost crashed into our car there. Oh! And one time a plane crashed there…but that was more due to the cold tempuratures than the confusion of the corner. Fun times in Winnipeg!

Go check out the blog! I’ll mostly by cross-posting from here, but there are a bunch of other contributors over there with unique perspectives.


1 Response to “The Winnipeg Skeptics”

  1. 1 Winnipeg December 29, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Great looking design and inspiration!

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