Meryl Dorey is Resigning as President of the AVN!!!

Meryl Dorey is a horrible, horrible person. She is the president of the Australian Vaccination Network, which, despite how its name sounds, is anti-vaccine. Here’s a small sample of her heartlessness:

Meryl appeared on national television telling a reporter that “we didn’t die from (these diseases) thirty years ago and we’re not going to die from them now”, juxtaposted alongside footage of babies gasping for breath as the journalist detailed the story of the death of Dana McCaffery from the vaccine preventable disease, whooping cough.

But I just finished checking my email and guess what? She’s resigning!!! From their most recent newsletter:

After almost 17 years of running the AVN, it is my bittersweet duty to inform you that within the next 3-4 weeks I will tendering my resignation as President of this great organisation and moving on to the next stage of my own personal development as mother, wife, activist and researcher.


It would seem that the AVN is having some financial difficulties, so most of her resignation is a plea for money:

Alternatively, if a benefactor or series of benefactors come forward to establish a fund that would guarantee the AVN’s existence for at least the next 2-3 years, or if donations were to be come in during the next week that would give us the same financial sustainability, then I would be willing to continue in my role for the foreseeable future.

This morning, I received a call from one of our long-time members – a woman who has been a faithful member and supporter of the AVN for over 15 years. Her mother passed away last year and she was calling to tell me that when the sale of her mother’s house goes through, she has earmarked a donation to give to the AVN to allow me to go to Canberra. When I informed her of the current situation with our organisation, she suggested that I ask people to not only give generously now, but to earmark 1% of their income to support the AVN into the future. She said that 1% is something everyone should be able to afford and the subject is so important, so vital to our children’s future, that if people were to think about how little it cost them and how much they would be receiving in return, they would be glad to do it. So I am passing this suggestion on at her request.

Unfortunately Meryl is still planning on being active with the AVN, but hopefully their financial difficulties are an indication that they’re losing influence. I also hope that the recent decision with regards to Andrew Wakefield’s ethics would put doubts in the minds of anyone considering supporting anti-vaccination groups like the AVN.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the vaccine fear-mongering, at least in Australia.

NOTE: The full letter is now posted on their blog, you can read it here.

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3 Responses to “Meryl Dorey is Resigning as President of the AVN!!!”

  1. 1 Zep February 4, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    It’s more than that – among other irregularities, AVN has probably been trading insolvent for some time, a condition that is, basically, illegal and untenable. Since Meryl was beyond rational reasoning anyway, the sinking of her flagship, the AVN, will be a wonderful result for Australian health. But let’s not count our chickens… I suggest not just waiting for her to fall on her sword, but ensuring that it stays in afterward.

    As the official executive manager of a company trading insolvent (which Meryl is), there are legal procedures that need to be followed, and penalties to apply. I do know that resigning from the AVN executive does not remove her from being responsible for her previous actions – she will still have to face the music if it all goes belly-up badly. I need to re-read, but as a convicted executive of a bankrupt business she may also be prevented for some years from any involvement in operating any other business in Australia. Legal folks may be able to expand on that.

    Lastly, it would need to be a VERY foolish investor who would even CONSIDER putting tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into any business Meryl might subsequently run, AVN or whatever… So I think Meryl is just making that one up. As usual.

    Next target, Jenny McCarthy?

  2. 2 Richard May 20, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    You guys just love to gloat, its obvious form the relish in your comments. One reason why the AVN magazine is going under financially is that almost every advertiser has been pressured by unknown callers or TGA letters asking them questions about their roles and products. This has the effect, which its calculated to do of making them hesitant to advertise. Its a good tactic, it works! And the sustained media harassment and smear campaign that is being poured onto Meryl Dorey and AVN is something that was put together by some media, medical interests and parma companies behind the scenes to force her out of the public eye. ITS WORKING TOO. Funny that.
    Now you’ve drawn blood you can retire happy, pleased with a character assassination well done.
    Note how Zep finishes up – “next target….”. Its like a shooting gallery game to you bloggers, a bit of fun when you’ve got nothing better to do. Not much humanness in it. Huh?

  3. 3 EnlightningLinZ May 21, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Of course I’m happy that an organization that puts parents off of life-saving vaccines is having financial difficulties. The claims that the AVN makes are demonstrably false, and dangerous to the health of children. It’s great that advertisers are hesitating to advertise in a magazine that promotes dangerous health myths.

    Character assassination? As far as I’m concerned Meryl Dorey has assassinated her own character by heading up an organization that promotes untrue and harmful ideas. The people who you say are on a smear campaign against her have to do nothing more than respond to her claims with the facts in order to show why she shouldn’t be trusted.

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