Police Officer Fired for his Spiritualist Beliefs

Alan Power is claiming he was wrongfully fired from the Greater Manchester Police when his superiors found out that he believes that psychics can help in investigations:

Alan Power, 62, won a ruling from a judge that his spiritualist beliefs qualify as a religion which should be protected in the workplace.

The decision clears the way for Mr Power to bring a discrimination case over his sacking by Greater Manchester Police.

I’m not sure why it matters whether or not his beliefs are a religion, nobody should be fired on the basis of their beliefs.

He claims he was fired from his job training special constables after just three weeks, when his bosses became aware that he believes messages from beyond the grave could help in criminal investigations.

I’m curious as to whether he was fired because of his beliefs, or because he was telling the constable trainees that they should use psychics in their investigations. If that’s the case, then yeah, he should be fired. But if he kept his beliefs to himself and was training the constables to use evidence- and reason-based investigation techniques, then reinstate the guy!


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