Thunderf00t Converses with Ray Comfort

Pearlist (Physical evidence and reasoned logic supporter) youtuber Thunderf00t, and Creationist Ray Comfort recently sat down for a conversation. It’s really long, but touches on some interesting subjects so if you want to watch you can take a look here.

I always have mixed feelings about these discussions between, because it’s hard to see whether they accomplish anything. Neither is going to change the other’s mind, and Thunderf00t, by sitting down with Comfort, is in a way giving him credibility.

I thought it was an interesting discussion, and I found it easier to watch than most between creationists and non-creationists, mostly because it didn’t turn into a shouting match.

Here are some observations I made during the conversation:

  • Comfort starts off by poisoning the well, saying he thought Thunderf00t goes by that name because he “likes stomping on Christians.”
  • Thunderf00t drives in the fact that he doesn’t know everything, he doesn’t know why we’re here, but Comfort asserts that he does know. Comfort doesn’t seem to understand the difference between knowing something and believing something. Comfort even goes as far as to say that statistics show that more people believe in an afterlife. That may be true but the popularity of an idea doesn’t make it true.
  • Comfort reuses his tired old anecdote that if you see some writing somewhere you know it was put there by a person, therefore looking at the universe, you have to think that it was put there by something intelligent. I like Thunderf00t’s answer to this, and that is that we can deduce that a person created the writing because we have observed people doing this before, so it logically follows. So far we have no evidence that would suggest that an intelligent being created the universe, so it isn’t reasonable to assume so.
  • Comfort is always using special pleading.  He asserts that he knows the answers because god has shown him the answers, for example at 4:30 “He’s made everything clear to me.” Comfort’s use of logical fallacies such as this one throughout the conversation make it extremely difficult to have a reason-based discussion.
  • At the transition between parts 3 and 4, Comfort quotes Penn Jillette, and completely misunderstands the quote. It’s kind of hilarious and really pathetic.
  • In part 4 my desire for Thunderf00t to really go after Comfort is somewhat satisfied when he criticizes Comfort’s street preaching techniques. Watch this video for an example. It’s really dispicable how he makes people feel guilty, and then puts them in a position where they want to prove themselves to him. Comfort’s style of preaching is just plain mean, and he clearly makes people uncomfortable.
  • In part 6 Comfort really falls into his preachy rhetoric. He’s pretty pathetic to watch throughout the conversation, as he is always trying to change the subject while Thunderf00t is making a point, and when all else fails he starts quoting the Bible and talking about sin and the ten commandments. So sad.

I think Thunderf00t did well at driving in the point that what Ray Comfort is doing is retarding the advancement of human knowledge. He is claiming that the Bible has all of the answers, and thus discouraging people from free inquiry. Comfort is unable to see the world outside of the framework of the Bible, and I suppose doesn’t want anyone else to be able to either.

I think the kicker is in Part 7 at about 7:33, Comfort says “All you need is an overactive imagination to believe in evolution.” Replace the word ‘evolution’ with ‘god’ and it sums up Ray Comfort’s beliefs. In fact, believing in evolution does not require a lot of imagination because of the wealth of evidence to validate the theory.

Comfort seems to think that everyone needs some kind of god to have faith in. Throughout the recording he says that Thunderf00t’s god is evolution or science or time. But when one uses physical evidence and reasoned logic to form ones body of knowledge, faith is not necessary.


6 Responses to “Thunderf00t Converses with Ray Comfort”

  1. 1 poppies July 28, 2009 at 2:21 am

    You know, I find it interesting that Comfort is often used as an example of “the religious”. He’s grotesquely unintelligent, and does a terrible job at presenting the worst arguments for Christianity. Further, I think he’s unaware of the more potent arguments.

    All this is to say, it really makes me question the strength of ThunderfOOt’s position if he’s choosing such a man as a counterpoint of sorts.

  2. 2 linzeebinzee July 28, 2009 at 9:06 am

    I’m not sure if I’d say he’s unintelligent…intellectually dishonest, perhaps.

    The thing with Ray Comfort is that he markets himself well and he’s in the public eye. His partner in crime is Kirk Cameron which makes it easier for him to be visible. Maybe now when people look up Ray Comfort’s videos on youtube they’ll see this one as well, and see how his arguments just don’t hold any water.

    And I’m not sure what potent arguments there are for Christianity…there are some that try to sound more science-y, but none of them stand up to scrutiny. I think that the appeal Comfort has to people is that his arguments are simple and easy to rememember.

  3. 3 misunderstoodranter September 26, 2009 at 3:09 am

    For me it is obvious that Christians and all religious people are frightened, because the public is becoming more aware that the bible is just a story book, written by men and not god – which invalidates it. The theory of evolution compounds this fear, because it shows logical and scientific based methodology that goes some way to proving how life evolved on earth – so now adam and eve are not needed (well not unless they were monkeys anyway). So now the Christians have seen how science is gaining ground (i.e. it is pissing in their pool) they want some of it – so they re-invent it as ID which sounds more science-y in the hope that it will put doubt back into people’s minds. The thing is this approach adds even less credibility to the claims of Christians – they have actually dug a huge hole for themselves – because if they are saying that bible has science in it. But it simply doesn’t – what I find interesting with all of these debates is that the Christians when challenged with pure reason start quoting scripture and often when they do the quotes they quote make no sense at all – why do they do that? It is like a denial thing – a mental block that they can not get over. I often find this behaviour quite disturbing.

  4. 4 linzeebinzee September 30, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    It seems like they’re so scared that their beliefs might be wrong that they’ll grab hold of anything that will allow them to rationalize it for themselves. They have to believe that atheists are just angry at god and that the Bible is actually the word of god otherwise they have to admit that they’ve been making asses of themselves all this time. I’m talking about specifically the Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron types here. I think that a good majority of people who call themselves Christians just haven’t thought hard enough about their beliefs to realize that they’re out there – that was my problem.

  5. 5 Jarradmeds October 3, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    I dont see why christians must dispute any science that goes against their beliefs. Any moron with a low IQ can tell by the current evidence available the universe is a lot lot older than 6000 years.

    People like bananaman are not doing themselves any favours by trying to tell people this, because in the age of information people will look up the facts for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

    Does the bible say thou shalt not judge or something like that. Because it seems to me that there is a lot of judging going on here. For example the judging of homosexuals.

    I was watching some videos of this idiot on youtube and there was one where he was telling a transvestite christian he/she is goin to hell. Now isnt that up to god to judge not bananaman?

  6. 6 linzeebinzee October 5, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    I think that most young-earth creationists were just brainwashed into believing it and aren’t equipped to sort out real evidence from creationist propaganda.

    I have to think that Ray Comfort knows that he’s lying to people…he goes up against atheists all of the time, how can anyone be so ignorant to just brush off everything they’re told and start quoting the Bible like some kind of robot. Insane.

    It’s despicable how bananaman sees no problem with telling people they’re going to hell on a regular basis. On his website he actually sells these “million dollar bills” on his website for people to give out. They have celebrities’ faces on them and on the back it pretty much says that no matter how rich they are the celebrities are going to hell…and then he says you’re going to hell unless you accept Jesus…blah blah blah…awful!

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