I Hate Religion

I do, I hate it. Those are some strong words, but I truly experience hatred for religion. I don’t hate people who are religious, in fact I love many people who are religious. I don’t hate the believers, I hate the beliefs.

I’m watching an episode of the Tyra show right now (it’s a guilty pleasure, so sue me), and she has a lesbian couple on whose religious family does not want to attend their wedding. Bride-to-be Juliana’s mother Lia is vehemently opposed to her daughter’s relationship based solely on her religious beliefs.

Lia is clearly heart-broken because of her daughter’s homosexual relationship. Why wouldn’t she be? She thinks that her daughter is going to hell. That’s a scary thought, and you can see the terror in her face.

The only reason Lia believes that her daughter’s wedding is a mistake is because she has been indoctrinated to base her morality on some book, not even a good book, written thousands of years ago by goat-herders.

Religious beliefs lead to irrational, black and white views of right and wrong. I cannot think of any reason why two consenting adults who are in love with each other shouldn’t be able to get married. Yet the Bible says it’s wrong, so gay people continue to be discriminated against.

Look no further than the comments section of this Tyra show episode for examples of how irrational beliefs breed hatred:

I am so dissapointed in you………….May you rot in Hell!! It may have boosted your ratings but you should be ashamed of yourself!!! -Straight Mom

Tyra, I am a Christian, and it sounds like you may have been at one time. I am very disappointed in you I guess for pushing this christian women to attent a gay wedding even if it is her daughter. God is first. Gayism is an abomination in God’s eyes. This is an unforgiveable sin. Murder is forgiveable. If you have read the Bible you would know this. -Corinna

Tyra – I understand that you have to listen to all your guests and their situations, but the segment on gay marriages is just WRONG. I don’t care how many ways you twist it, it’s a sin against God. In Leviticus 18:22, it clearly says “Do not practice homosexuality; it is a detestable sin”. Not just a sin but a DESTESABLE SIN. It just can’t get any clearer than that. So when gays say they are born that way, they are saying that God made a mistake and we know God does not make mistakes. The Lord says “You must obey all my laws…Leviticus 19:19. For the daughter to sit there and cry begging her mom to go against her beliefs, is asking her to go against what God has commanded. -Deej

Tyra, you dummy this is an ABOMINATION!! Do you know God said you cannot enter into heaven with this?? It’s against His nature. Yes, there are other sins, but this you cannot go to heaven with, Tyra. -Sharon Taylor-Hamilton

There is a tendency in our culture to think that religious belief should not be criticized, but I think this needs to change. When these beliefs are a barrier to someone’s rights, the beliefs should be ridiculed.

Thankfully not all of the comments on this episode are like the ones I posted above. Some people know what’s right:

If they really loved their daughter and accepted her for who she is, there wouldn’t have to be a decision to make. -Ashley

I hope that people can eventually look past their beliefs and realize that gay marriage is not only beautiful, but that it’s right.


11 Responses to “I Hate Religion”

  1. 1 Laura June 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

    Ugh, I hate reading ignorant comments… “gayism,” really?

    I’m glad, on the one hand, that Tyra is putting this issue out there and illustrating the clash between religious beliefs and homosexuals. It is a huge issue. On the other hand, like I said, I hate reading all of these ridiculous comments that are bound to come up after such an episode.

    I’m Catholic, but I do disagree with the church on several things, and that homosexuality is a sin is one of them. I cannot believe that people can choose their sexual orientation, and I feel like many Christians secretly agree, knowing that they could not blindly change their own orientation. Yet I feel that they band together and continue to preach about what the Bible claims because they have no other logic to fall back on. When all else fails, just quote the Bible. Bam. Foolproof argument. Or so they seem to think.

    I would hope that over the years, especially recent years, people have come to realize that many things in the Bible are outdated and outright wrong. Think about all of the things that the Bible says about women, for instance. If everyone still believed all of that, there is no way that women would have come as far as they have in society.

    Hopefully change is on the way. Although Prop 8 was a letdown of epic proportions, the mini-wave of gay marriage legalizations is something to be proud of.

  2. 2 Peg June 25, 2009 at 7:04 am

    The title of your post caught my eye because I hate religion too. “Religion” as I see it is the attempt to live by a set of rules taught by people claiming to represent God. Too often it has little to do with *faith*, which is a life-giving thing.

    That said, it’s easy to hate the kind of religion depicted on TV. The problem is it’s not an accurate representation of faith, it’s a caricature, and it’s borderline prejudicial.

    The core teaching of Christianity is love… and the history of Christianity has been littered with power-hungry and/or fearful people trying to usurp the power of its message for their own benefit. It doesn’t make the message any less true.

  3. 3 linzeebinzee June 26, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    I used to think like you when I was a Christian. I didn’t like being associated with a religion, so I called myself faithful rather than religious. “Religion” has so many negative connotations. But faith is still not rational. It’s not based on evidence, Christianity is just based in the popular idea that the Bible is something worth reverence. If my faith was any indication, then I think that people who choose to call themselves faithful are just ignoring those parts of the religion that they don’t like, while still reassuring themselves that they’re going to heaven.

    Although not all people of faith are like those fundamentalists depicted on TV, the basis is still not rational. I hate beliefs that are not rational. I absolutely have some of them myself, and they make me ignorant of the truth in those areas of my life.

    I’m glad that you aren’t one of those people who use their faith as an excuse to discriminate, and I’m glad that you see Christianity as being about love. But I wonder if the thing that makes you a good person is not your faith, but simply the fact that you’re a good person.

    You’re right that people using a religion for their own benefit doesn’t make it any less true, to that I would say that you can’t make something that’s [probably] not true to begin with any less true.

  4. 4 linzeebinzee June 26, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    I know, “gayism”, brutal!

    I’m glad that you aren’t one of those people who blindly follows the Church. You know that homophobia is reprehensible in spite of the teachings of your religion. I’m also happy that you don’t think that quoting the Bible is a valid form of argument.

    I’m curious though, how can you disregard certain areas of the Bible as being outdated and wrong, but still call yourself a Catholic? The Bible is the basis of Catholicism, but I don’t really see how just using the bits you like and ignoring the outdated bits is putting any stock in the Bible at all. Aren’t you just living your life the way you intuitively know is right?

  5. 5 Paper Hand August 8, 2009 at 3:37 am

    This was actually one of the things that first lead me to question my religious beliefs. I had a hard time understanding why God would hate homosexuality when I couldn’t see how it harmed anyone. Murder, adultery, lying, stealing, those sort of things were harmful to others, so it would make sense that God would say “Hey, don’t do this!” but I couldn’t see how homosexuality hurt anyone, so it was really hard to accept the idea that God would say “this is bad”.

    That, along with similar bizarre OT laws, was just one of a number of questions that eventually led me on my path towards atheism, but it was one of the earliest.

  6. 6 linzeebinzee August 8, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    I wish it had been the same for me. When I was a Christian I knew that my faith said that homosexuality was wrong, but I would just put that out of my mind. I didn’t think deeply about it because I was afraid to question god. My brother is gay, and I struggled with the idea that he would be punished for his love, but I still didn’t question god. I wish I had realized that my beliefs were wrong sooner…oh well, glad to be rid of the bullshit now!

  7. 7 Pyrrho August 27, 2009 at 10:21 am

    I even hate the word “faith”. And I was once a youth pastor and have a degree in comparative religion. Jesus, I hate saying that.

  8. 8 linzeebinzee September 8, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    Hey that’s a useful thing to have, even if you aren’t religious! So you say you were once a youth pastor, what made you change your mind about your faith?

  9. 9 Alex November 12, 2011 at 4:10 am

    I hate religion/faith too (whatever you wish to call it). It is a strong word yes, but that’s just how I see it.

    I do not understand how somebody could let go of all logic, rational thought and critical thinking for ignorance, bigotry and hypocrisy. That’s basically what [most] religions are. They are a system by which more intelligent people can take advantage of less intelligent people. Instead of trying to make them examine evidence, think rationally and without bias, it teaches them to ignore evidence (in the form of repeatable verifiable and reliable) for a large book(s) filled with ranting, hate speech and archaic notions.

    Peoples moral fiber is relative to themselves, it is THEIR view. There is no universal moral code, that’s another one of the reasons why religious belief is fundamentally flawed (no pun intended).

    Furthermore, in it’s promotion of ignorance, religion causes intolerance (bigotry) which leads to wars, crime and disaster.

    It seems incredibly difficult to believe that people in the 21st century- an era filled with Technology, Science and tolerance, could still possibly harbor a system filled with notions made by authors who lived thousands of years ago. Authors with practically no understanding of the world in which they lived (their superstitions hardly count) with highly inaccurate and ludicrous notions about women, race, sexuality and understanding (science). I find it difficult to believe that people in this century could still stone people to death because of their sexuality (which is very personal to me- sometimes I just want to go out there and send all those ****ing @$$holes to their own imaginary hell!) the fact that they actually have a shred of critical thinking and scientific concept (and thus can see through all their bull****), or are simply from a different culture.

    So to help me make sense of it- I’ve devised an analogy. The Zombie Analogy. Religion is a syndrome that occurs when the victim is infected with the virus called faith. Symptoms include: deterioration of all logical thought and understanding, insanity, psychopathic behavior and extreme violence. It works remarkably well, and I think it’s a metaphor all atheists (and possibly agnostics) should adopt.

    Note: Please feel free [fundamentalists] to quote your religious doctrines and “holy” books, there is nothing there I wouldn’t be able to decimate within seconds, but do try- I’m sure it would be very amusing.

  10. 10 Magnus November 25, 2011 at 6:10 am

    I am so sorry, I have sinned and want to confess.

    I HATE Religion. I truly, deeply and without a doubt hate religion. The more I think of it, the more I hate it. At the same time I’m together with a girlfriend who is religious. Which makes it difficult.

    Don’t understand how someone can believe in the story of Adam and Eve or Noah’s Ark. How do you fit millions of animals (and not the dinosaurs) on a boat. Animals adaptable only to their habitat, from all around the world into a boat? How can anyone believe that? And when you tell them how improbable it is, they turn the deaf ear and say they don’t want to listen. How can God create a garden with Adam and Eve with a tree of wisdom they cannot eat from? How can God let Satan be? If he is all good and all knowing? It is just soooo fucking stupid. God is obviously evil according to the bible! And people follow him?

    How can anyone believe we are the chosen people and that the universe was created for us? Looking at how hard and chaotic nature is, how can any believe that God listens to their prayers, while letting hundreds of children die every day of starvation?

    I can get so angry at this ignorance. At this brainwash that must have occured, to make people believe in easter bunny stories and then when faced with proof, don’t wanna see it. Kids are better, they usually face that Santa Claus doesn’t exist with sadness, but they take it! They face it and adapt.

    Being with a religious girlfriend, thoughts start to rise to the song with name “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next”. I first thought, it’s not so bad. Love will solve everything. Then, the more stuff I heard and the more I read, what they actually believe – the more respect I start to loose. I started to doubt our relationship.

    I read the Quran, the first part of it. And I found like 30 or so verses on how much I will burn in hell for being an atheist. Even found a chapter that said, the people in heaven will mock the people burning in hell. I sent that to my girlfriend and said; if you believe this then we can’t be together.

    Her reply was in sadness, but she said that the text is so advanced and written so long ago, that I shouldn’t read it at first, that I should know more about the culture and so instead.

    Well, the text is not advanced, it was written by a guy that probably got as much information about the real world as our kids gets in a week from just browsing on the internet.

    And here people are saying it is the most blessed and holy wisdom. The Quran is full of shit, so is the Bible. Read it!


    See what happens? The more I think about it, the more I hate it. And when I instead think of my girlfriend, she is a beautiful, kind hearted and loving person. But I loose respect in her for believing this stuff, it’s not possible to have a serious debate with someone who believes in stuff without any evidence – just because it says so in a book. That also says so much bad, bad, BAD stuff!

    I don’t know what to do really… Thinking of breaking up. But it hurts me, because she is a good person.

  11. 11 Magnus November 25, 2011 at 6:18 am

    And yeah, the reason I had to write this anonymous is because of religion too. Someone could find that my girlfriend is in love with an atheist and she would get a ton of shit for that.

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