Creation Museum in my own Backyard

So I was reading nutbar Eric Hovind’s blog, and was shocked to see that he had listed a creation museum right here in Winnipeg! I had no idea that there were young Earth creationists so close to home. So sad.

The C.A.R.E. Ministries Museum of Creation is located in the Oxford Bible Church. According to the C.A.R.E. Ministries website, the people at this church are “real Christians”. You’ve gotta love the tendency of Christians to only call people who believe their brand of the religion “real Christians”.

C.A.R.E. (Christian Apologetics Research and Evangelism) was founded by John Feakes, who told the Winnipeg Sun in 2003:

I think human history is a lot more interesting than what the textbooks are teaching. People are only getting one way to look at things, and we don’t think it’s the best way. What we want to do is say “Here’s the data, how would you interpret it?” We don’t want to brainwash anyone the other way either.

I guess Feakes thinks saying things like “The creation model states that God created all the plants and animals, and that evolution by natural selection is really a hopeless explanation for the complexity we see in the natural world” is just presenting the data.

My favourite part of the website is his Grand Canyon display. Feakes thinks that the Grand Canyon is evidence of the flood. Feakes lives in a place that floods every year in varying degrees. I wonder how he reconciles with himself the fact that he doesn’t live in a canyon.

Winnipeg 2009

Winnipeg 2009

Winnipeg 1997

Winnipeg 1997

Winnipeg 1950

Winnipeg 1950

I’m tempted to visit the museum to get a laugh, but I have a feeling I would be the only one there along with a creepy guy who has a completely warped view of human history.

3 Responses to “Creation Museum in my own Backyard”

  1. 1 xcostsyoueverything June 13, 2010 at 1:10 am

    I find your criticisms interesting. I wonder if you have the courage to enlighten the people of C.A.R.E. face to face. Grace them with your vastly superior knowledge, would you please? Better still, are you willing to show them their error in public debate since you are so thoroughly studied in this subject.

    I’m waiting for your response.

  2. 2 Global Villager June 13, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Xcost – like other creationists I know I bet the only reason you want to meet face to face is so you can drown your critic out by being the louder and more obnoxious of the two. Sorry, that doesn’t mean your argument is strong.

    The problem is that creationists are working under the assumption that the bible is something more than a collection of myths; an amalgamation of ancient creation stories from various cultures that was written well after the events it is supposed to depict. It is not a credible source – it is fiction.

    I love how Feakes claims that people are only getting “one way” to look at things. Yeah, that way is through the scientific method… know, that process that formulates theories based on evidence and gathers empirical evidence to test that theory. Thank goodness we have people like Feakes who can show us the other way of looking at things – the ass backwards method of trying your hardest to fit reality with primitive tales of creation.

    Does it not get tiring keeping up the charade?

    I don’t think the author of the blog needs to debate you – those that make extraordinary (and unsubstantianed) claims have the burden of proof on them. Do you have non-biblical evidence?

    We know that Catastrophism has played a role in geomorphology and climate change (ex. Younger Dryas likely created by sudden influx of glacial meltwater into ocean) but most credible scientists assert that uniformitarianism has had the most significant role in shaping the Earth. You know….over billions of years the same processes have been at play, altering the Earth’s surface. The same processes that are at work today wearing down the Rockies for example, so that millions of years down the line they will look like the CDN Shield.

    I would like to know your non-biblical reasons for doubting the scientific consensus.

  3. 3 EnlightningLinZ June 18, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    “since you are so thoroughly studied in this subject”

    Like you have to be thoroughly studied in evolution to see how silly creationism is. Try reading some books or articles by people who dedicate their careers to studying the fascinating subject of evolution. Debate isn’t the way to truth, science is, and your museum contains misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the facts, which does a disservice to anyone visiting your museum.

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