Creation, the Movie Trailer is Here!

Here’s something for science enthusiasts to get excited about, they finally made a movie about Charles Darwin!

For some reason it’s called Creation, but it looks good…click here to see the trailer. IMDB has a release date of September 29, 2009 for a few European countries, but no dates listed for Canada or the US yet. Hopefully we’ll get to see it in September as well.



1 Response to “Creation, the Movie Trailer is Here!”

  1. 1 Global Villager June 14, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Wow this looks intriguing. I am a fan of Paul Bettany, in fact, he played a very Darwinesque character on one of my favourite movies – Master and Commander (The Far Side of the World). He was the ship doctor and naturalist who was tickled pink about having a chance to explore the Galapagos Islands! Perhaps this is where the peopel in charge of casting got the idea!

    Can’t wait to see the shitstorm this movie creates in the USA. Oh, and Jennifer Connely is still very hot!

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