Kevin Trudeau’s Quacky Newsletters

I’ve started subscribing to all kinds of newsletters to look for content for this blog. Science newsletters, religious newsletters, and newsletters from all sorts of quacks.

Kevin Trudeau’s newsletter is one of these, and I got a…ummm…’friendly’ welcome today:

Thanks for joining Kevin’s Insider Email Club!

This email club is like none other.  It’s your INSIDE track on everything “They” don’t want you to know about.  The #1 question Kevin gets is:  “What can I do as an individual to change all these “things” I learn about?”  Here is a start:

1. Open and read Kevin’s Insider Email every week
2. Forward the emails to friends, family and business contacts

These 2 points are vital because the best thing you can do is stay informed.  The second best thing you can do is get others informed.  That’s the mission of Kevin’s Insider Email Club.

If your emails go unopened or unread, and you’re not helping us spread the truth by forwarding them to people who seek it, we will remove you from Kevin’s Insider Email.  If you open the emails, digest the content, and forward this information to people around the world, you will continue to receive Kevin’s Insider Email free of charge.

Thanks for joining the cause!

(my bold)

KevinTrudeauApparantly Kevin Trudeau has magical powers that allow him to peer into my inbox and determine whether I’m reading my emails and forwarding them on.

It seems like he’s threatening to make me start paying for the newsletter if I don’t spread the word? It wouldn’t surprise me. Trudeau is so critical of pharmaceutical companies because they make money (the horror!), but his entire existence is bent on conning the public out of as much money as he can get.


2 Responses to “Kevin Trudeau’s Quacky Newsletters”

  1. 1 sillysally June 17, 2009 at 7:38 am

    Kevin Trudeau’s is OK if you like scientology who do you think made the commercials?

  2. 2 linzeebinzee June 22, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    How does liking Scientology make Kevin Trudeau’s crap any better? Scientology is a cult, and is just as bad or worse than Kevin Trudeau.

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