Open Letter from a Skepchick to Parents Wary of Vaccination

Elyse on Skepchick has written an excellent letter adressed to parents who are being frightened by the anti-vaxxers into thinking that vaccination is dangerous to their children. Spread the word! The anti-vaxxers get too much press, parents with young children need to be informed.

Dear Parents,

If you have not made the decision to vaccinate your child, I urge you to make that decision now. Immunity from painful, disfiguring, and sometimes even deadly diseases is not a gift you should withhold from your child. Your child is, undoubtedly, the greatest love of your life… a love so great that it was unfathomable until you experienced it. And I know that you want to and need to do everything in your power to protect him or her. Which is precisely why you’re hesitant to vaccinate.

Read the full letter here.


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